The Lake

A rickety, old cabin sits on the edge of Bass Lake. This house, built by my ancestors, has housed our family for generations.


We try to get up there 2+ times a year. Sometimes my mom and I will go by ourselves, but usually we have the whole family (or more). This weekend JP and I got to trek up there with the dogs, hopefully the first of many!


September is a quiet, peaceful time to go. Summer is over so there is no traffic, yet the warm weather lingers on.


We were looking forward to going taking the rowboat out at sunset, but soon realized that there were no oars. Luckily we fished some kayaking paddles out of the shed (JP was extremely optimistic). We took the rowboat out at sunset. It really was as romantic as it sounds.


Once the sun finally sank behind the mountain we decided to call it a night.


If you know JP you know that he keeps you on your toes.

Right when we got inside of the cabin, he ripped his clothes off faster than you can say "We didn't bring any towels!!!!", ran outside, down the beach, onto the dock and jumped into the lake. I rolled my eyes, knowing that I had to do the same, and tried to keep up with him. It's true, we didn't have any towels...

 If the neighbors were home, they would've had quite the show.


Woke up early to catch the sun rise and plopped down on my mat. 

When I closed my eyes I could feel the heat of the sun on my sleepy face, gently waking me up. The only sound was coming from the birds in the treetops and I could feel the waves underneath the dock, almost soft enough to miss. 

"Why am I so lucky? Why should I deserve all of this goodness?" are common thoughts that come up when I slow down and reflect.

The answer is never clear, but the only thing I can actively do is express my gratitude and praise God. To be aware of my good fortune and realize that there are so many opportunities I need to take because other people can't. To not take anything for granted. To soak up the moments, because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. 

To constantly be thankful. 


Exhausted from laughter and the sun, to say the least. 

With an overflowing heart and a safe trip home, I can definitely say it was one for the books. I mean, blog.