Oregon Roadtrip

I had never done a real road trip. The one where you pull over to take pictures along the way, have a destination in mind but aren't too worried about getting there on time and the one where you sleep in the back of the car. Jp and I planned this trip very spontaneously, leaving it to the last minute to find camping spots and map out route. I've learned that that's the best way to travel. 


We left from Danville, CA and our first destination was Crater Lake, OR. 

Most people know that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. But I had no idea that it is a collapsed volcano that erupted 7,700 years ago. I underestimated it's size, because it was HUGE. There is no beach, or place to dip your feet in. The edges of the lake shoot right into the deep water, which was a dramatic and eerie sight. 


When evening came, the smoke from the forest fires creeped over the mountain, leaving us with a beautiful pink haze in the sky.


We took my 2 month old Honda Fit. I know why they call it a Honda Fit. We were able to fit so much crap in that car. We were even able to fold down the seats, fit a mattress topper and slept comfortably. Put about 2,000 miles on her right off the bat. 

The next morning we headed to Portland. Stopped along the way and found the dreamiest forest ever. We didn't last long exploring because the smoke was too dense, as you can probably see. At least we got these pictures, that will never cease to amaze me. 


We made it to Portland, where I ate a very skeptical vegan burger (it was that good), passed a sign that said Gluten Free Marijuanna and saw more guys with beards and glasses than I have ever seen in my life. That evening we saw the Fleet Foxes at a pretty intimate outdoor venue. We planned the trip around seeing them and they exceeded our expectations. We absolutely played them the whole drive home that night, which ended up being a Walmart parking lot. 


JP googled places that you can park your car overnight, and the first result was Walmart. We thought we were pretty clever heading over there to spend the night, but it looked like everyone else had the same idea. It was seriously a giant parking lot sleepover. Who would've guessed that we'd have our best night of sleep there. 


I will forever cherish this photo. I mean, come on.

The next day we headed to the COAST! Jp and I can't stay away for long. The ocean is definitely our happy place, although my ultimate happy place sounds a bit like this...

"Hi, I'd like an order of the ocean with a side of fog, some impressive rocks, jagged cliffs and a forest feel, please." 


We were sad to eventually head South, which meant we were on our way home. I thought I would never love anywhere more than California, but in three short days Oregon became extremely close. Eager to get back up there and keep exploring soon.

Hopefully, by next time, we will have more Spotify playlists downloaded.